Son’s Curiosity About Forgiveness

One day, a boy asked his father. "Father, how can I know if I have already forgiven someone?" The fisherman was surprised on his son's curiosity.  While walking on the seashore, the boy's father picked up a wood and wrote a very long words on the sand, and turned to his son. "Son, can you... Continue Reading →


​Mayweather vs McGregor A Desperate Match For Boxing Organization

Wow! This would be a great fight - and that's a lie. Floyd Mayweather who has mastered his boxing style and defeated never against anyone will fight Conor McGregor an arrogant but skillful brawler. It's a REAL JOKE! Yes, figuratively speaking this fight will be a talk-of-the-town, however, the damage would be unseen yet. I... Continue Reading →

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