When Couples Fell In Love With Mountains 

A stunning scenery, a gentle touch of air on faces, a calm and peaceful skies, when these occurrences hold your moment - you have a lovely day. Mountains are mysterious, it can convey meaningful messages. Its silence is subtle - too deep - it sees us through.  Alvin and Jack both fell in love with... Continue Reading →


Son’s Curiosity About Forgiveness

One day, a boy asked his father. "Father, how can I know if I have already forgiven someone?" The fisherman was surprised on his son's curiosity.  While walking on the seashore, the boy's father picked up a wood and wrote a very long words on the sand, and turned to his son. "Son, can you... Continue Reading →

Opportunity As An Uninvited Guest

How long have you been waiting for your moment? Some are years or decades, probably. They say, opportunity knocks only once and you have to let it in. However, most of the time, we missed its knocking. We're not attentive, or maybe not hearing its coming.  Its footstep is silent all the time. It only... Continue Reading →

Network Marketing Hits Filipinos Culture 

Filipinos are very traditional and culture - oriented people. The usual traditional mindset that has been conditioned for a long time is one should study hard to earn good salary. If we will check the ratio of entrepreneurs to employees we can see the big discrepancy. Filipinos are known as hard worker, dedicated and enduring... Continue Reading →

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