How Eduardo Earns 3x Of His Income In 12 Days


Indeed, it’s a long wait breakthrough.

Eduardo Tunguia’s chess life was awe-inspiring story.

He was a late-bloomer chess learner. At age 13 one of his uncles taught him chess basics; chess pieces movements. In order to familiarize himself, he cut paper board and made it a chess board, while the bottled soda cap (tanzan) as his chess pieces.

He played against himself for some time and on his eagerness he took some chess puzzles on weekly newspapers as his chess-compiled books.

After a year, he became a school varsity and even reached the district meet championship. This was an abrupt improvement for a chess player. He took the opportunity offered by chess when he became a chess scholar in college.

However, on his early age he decided to settle down along with the decision about his chess career; he had to stop and focus on his family.

Decade passed, Eduardo had found his way going back to his old passion. Fortunately, his skill didn’t diminish (that badly).

In 2001 – 2004 his business was dying and he pressed himself too much to survive his sweat and investment. Unfortunately, life was unpredictable. He had no choice but to let go the business he had been exerted effort and time.

In 2002, one school accepted his resume to be their chess coach. From his good earning to indecent income Eduardo had learned to foresee and set goal for his new career. P2500 monthly ($50/mo) wouldn’t be enough for an individual expenses, but Eduardo chose to dream big.

After years one school never stayed one. Today he handles five schools in a week.

He didn’t only settle for weekdays chess tutorials. He also has conducted chess clinic every Saturday.

This April different story took place. On his summer chess clinic the enrollees’ count reached unusual number. Because of that his earning boost up 3x of his normal income. This what he has been waiting for – 15 years in the making. He didn’t expect the outcome of his perseverance. Years prior this summer chess clinic, his enrollees were enough to say that he had student every summer. Yet, he delightfully taught students what they needed to learn. His faithfulness to his craft has been paid off. 

Right character and attitude brought him where he is right now. Money matters – yes – but passion matters most.

Impediment of life or even hapless situation shouldn’t dictate your future. It should be your passion.

I have prepared 7 questions for Eduardo to be answered.

1. There’s no chess players in your family. How did you find chess interesting?

I just found it challenging and interesting. No one taught me techniques or how to improve my skill. I just learned the basic chess movements from my Uncle. After I learned that I played with chess hustler from morning to night. I had my 1st book of Bobby Fischer and found myself hooked up on this sport. 

2. During the down time of your life. Or we can say trying to survive the struggling business, how chess opened an opportunity to start over again?

My business lasted for 13 years. I struggled to maintain it plus the tight competitions were inevitable. It seems business was not for me. Then I prayed to God if I am not for that business, give me another school (since I have my 1st one). After a week I was hired through referral. 

There were ups and downs in life and those struggling moments of my life had opened a new avenues and opportunities. Everything has a reason. In God’s time He make it beautiful.

3. In first 2 or 3 of years as a chess coach, what was the status of your career? Were you seeing a good future or considering it as a long lasting career?

I am enjoying what I am doing. I know now that chess coaching is designed-skill for me by God. It’s definitely a God given talent. 

If you’re enjoying what you’re doing, though there were stressful moments it wouldn’t overcome you. Thus, it would be a long lasting career. 

4. You’ve cemented a name in your city by producing a good young talent. Is it pressing you to your limit? Are you more pressured as years go by?

What I know is if God called you for a purpose He will back you up with his favor. That’s why almost of players I’ve been coaching through out the years (in different schools) have received a high and good remarks on their chess games (school – based grade)

The pressure only comes during school competition. (It’s a nerve breaking)

5. What are the qualifications or prerequisites to becoming a chess coach or trainer?

(Ed enumerates it)

a. You should know that you’re for this.

b. You have a passion in what you’re doing.

c. You can sacrifice everything for your dream – not only because you’re being paid.

d. You should be happy on what you’ doing. 

e. Must be committed and dedicated whatever results your players may show. 

f. Must have skill (teaching and coaching)
6. Let’s take it easy on this one. Who is your most favorite chess player for local and international? And top 5 greatest chess players? 

International: Bobby Fischer

Local: Wesley So

Top 5: Bobby Fischer, Gary Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov, V. Anand and Wesley So

7. Your message for aspiring chess coach and tips as well. 

“Nothing great was even achieved without character”

One step at a time is the best way to go

(On Stephen Curry’s commercial) – Focus on who you are and not on who you could be.

It’s not the occupation or profession that makes you succeed or fail. It’s how you see yourself and your occupation.

What we are, is God’s gift to us and what we become is our gift to God.

You need to have the ability to bounce back after set back (be like a rubber band).

In everything give thanks to God.
One trivia about Eduardo. He isn’t only a chess coach, he’s also a church pastor. 




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  1. Keep featuring chess characters, it motivates, it inspires! May God’s grace abounds in Chess. God bless the writer and to Sir Ed.


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