​​5 Common Products Than You Can Sell Online And Can Change Your Money-Flow

You’ve been browsing for ways to earn and land at freelancing topics. After the long read you realized that writing or blogging is not your line of business. 

From within, you know what exactly you are up to, but what?

If you’re sensing a great acceleration of excitement when you hear these words: idea, innovation and entrepreneurship – this blog is perfectly for you – and online selling is what you’ve been searching for.

Majority of online users are aware of those superstar online shops. And today private companies (small or big) or even normal individual have been engaging in to this kind of hassle-free trend. 

Why not? 

The idea is great. If I want a 100 inch new television I am just a click away from purchasing it. All tangible products are present online. People need a non-consuming time of shopping. That’s the mission of online shop – to transact fast. 

Online shop basically serves to meet our needs. You as being an entrepreneur-minded have to see it as an opportunity to grab.

If you endure reading this far, thank you so much. And that gives me a sure conclusion – you want a decent-figure earnings. 

My purpose is to offer you an alternative. A different scheme to give breath into your stagnant money-flow. An another route that may bring a brighter side and hope. 

There’s no way to copy what the well-established online shop has been cemented. You won’t survive a day. Online seller will set you aside easily. But don’t worry, I can give you 5 usual, common and ordinary products that can change your bank account savings. 

Before I discuss those 5 products that you can start with, you should be able of having these traits first, in order to survive and soar high. (1) Be artistic (2) Allign it with your passion (3) Be deep and subtle

Why do you need to have these? Are these prerequisites? A resonating YES! Why? Because you will be personalizing and customizing products.  

The competitions are tight. Competitors are aware of the latest and trending. They have an unending matching up of products. You as a starter should be prepared for battle. You have to win every sellers’ approval. 

Be brilliant in your own way. Be your own brand. Be only one and not be someone. 

Let’s begin our real discussions. All items I am going to list down needs your personal touch. As I stated above, you will be personalizing and customizing it. 

1. T- Shirts
You can start producing your own T-shirts business. Selling it online effectively may be a challenging, however, through your artistic idea things may flow on your own favor

If you’re a Mom, what designs Mom can do?

Mommy tells, Mommy quotes, or Mommy says. You can put together words from great Mommy around the world or your own experiences. 

“If you saved money, forget that money for a while until it reaches the limit” -My grandma’s budgetting tip.

“Respect me as your mom!” – That’s my Mom’s exclamation – We’re in good term don’t worry.

Words on T-shirts can catch online seller’s curiosity. To persuade them purchasing your item make it humorous or a heart-breaking quote.

It’s applicable for father, grandma, grandpa, student – ALL! As long you have a good idea. 

Another good brilliant ideas: series shirts and advocacy shirts.

If you will be wearing T-shirts with your own design, what’s on it?

2. Bags
My friend has this business. She started it first to her friends’ bags by patching names, verses from the Bible and simple cartoon characters.

Today she is enjoying her Bibi Bags business.

What bags can make an impact? 

Bags for kids and teens are more sensible idea. You can design a superhero bags, a historical bags or even president faces bags. 

Stir up the sleeping innovation inside your mind. 

3. Caps 

What caps do you have?

Aside from toys, caps are one of the most collectible items. Imagine if you’re NBA fanatic and all teams have produced different kind of caps’ design, how a collector react?

Have you seen Star Wars caps? Frankly speaking, I haven’t yet. If you are Star Wars avid follwer how chilling it is when you see a rare Star Wars cap’s design. You will do everything to get that. 

Your passion can determine what design you want for your caps business. 

4. Shoes
I can’t draw. I can’t paint. That’s my frustration. When I was a teen, I was dreaming to have an Eiffel Tower sneaker shoes. Of course that’s impossible, I should design it myself. 

Can you artistically expresss yourself? Do it on shoes. 

Travel destinations design can rock online shopping world. It may costly when purchasing it but who cares if Eiffel Tower is on my shoes. 

You can accept designs from your customer. Caricature on shoes – WHY NOT!

Imagination can help you pull out a perfect design. 

5. Sweets and Chocolates

Enough of personal stuffs, let’s give chance to our sweet ladies who are not alligned in our 1st four items. 

Bake, design and sell. 

All of us love sweets and chocolates. Anything new in our eyes craves us. 

This kind of start up may give you an opportunity to earn good money. You only have to do is have your own designs, flavors and sizes. And be a master of taste buds.

Have you tasted cookies with mango or strawberry together? 

Not yet? Me too. 

Hmmm, I am craving now. 

How can you start selling it? 

I’ll assume you can bake – have your friend taste and judge it first – promote it to friend of friends by then you can start promoting it on social media. 

Foods review can help boost your product. 

Finally, you have gotten an idea what 5 common products you can sell online and can change your money-flow.

It won’t end there. Good business has a good name. You should sweat out your mind for a good one . Think about it and HAPPY SELLING!


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