​Mayweather vs McGregor A Desperate Match For Boxing Organization


This would be a great fight – and that’s a lie.

Floyd Mayweather who has mastered his boxing style and defeated never against anyone will fight Conor McGregor an arrogant but skillful brawler. It’s a REAL JOKE!

Yes, figuratively speaking this fight will be a talk-of-the-town, however, the damage would be unseen yet.

I will discuss why this fight shouldn’t be happened and why this fight is a desperate act for boxing organization.

First off, Mayweather’s tedious style has brought the boxing life to its stagnant level. He hold the most PPV record, but against who? He has the most boring style ever seen.

When Manny Pacquiao shone more than Mayweather, the excitement and interest to boxing has been revived once again.

Remember Mayweather has retired and came back when Pacman’s limelight was more shiny than him. Then Mayweather’s name became more popular to non-boxing fans.

Right now, boxing is lossing his way again.

Conor McGregor prowess as a UFC fighter brought us into different level of action-packed fights. Though he got knocked out he never backed off as a loser. He bounced back with a convincing win. 

He walk the talk. Yes, he stumbled but never stayed on the ground. He stood up and showed who McGregor is.

He has cemented his name deeper than other famous UFC fighter championship.

And today, the rumor became a reality. This will never be good as what money-makers see it.

This fight will ruin everything about boxing.

Though I am not favored for this match, let me choose my fighter.

I am for Floyd Mayweather (this time)
I have 2 reasons why I chose Mayweather over McGregor

1. It’s a boxing match. Mayweather is a genius tactician, a great defensive boxer and he knows how to box – scientifically speaking. He masters his craft. He doesn’t care how he pulls out a win. He could win by points or K.O. Well, he really doesn’t care. But for sure his tedious style may kill the whole night. 

In contrary McGregor haven’t fought a boxer-runner in his whole career. His body’s reactions are totally different from boxing style. If he misses a punch he could easily throw a neck-breaking kick. In boxing, he has to stop his kick-instinct; which i believe he can but needs a full concentration. 

Unless McGregor dictates the 1st 3 rounds he will never win.

2. This is my second reason. If Mayweather lose in any way, the whole boxing community will be put to shame.

McGregor can simply mock all the greatest boxers. He can easily look down on Manny Pacquiao and other boxer Floyd had beaten.

If McGregor would win this match, it’s a completely destruction and disgrace for boxing world. 
Pride is at stake. Whether it’s a promorion match or for an entertainment purposes, this will shake the entire boxing history.

Knowing these two fighters. They’re both prideful, boastful and conceited. It wouldn’t be a gentleman fight. There would be a “pretentious” gentleman words but deep inside – the blood is boiling.

Mark my word. McGregor has all the aces on this match – whether he win or lose – boxing has a lot to lose.


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