Network Marketing Hits Filipinos Culture 

Filipinos are very traditional and culture – oriented people. The usual traditional mindset that has been conditioned for a long time is one should study hard to earn good salary.

If we will check the ratio of entrepreneurs to employees we can see the big discrepancy. Filipinos are known as hard worker, dedicated and enduring employees. However, Filipinos are established to stay on the traditional mindset.

Group of businessemen are quite zeal on their advocacy to spread the success they have achieved – by conducting a non-stop seminar on how to start up small businesses or even the benefits of franchising. But due to financial in capability, the suppose to be an opportunity was became a vaguely possible.

One day networking companies or also known as Multilevel Network Marketing Companies (MLM) spread like mushrooms. They earned the evasive attention of Filipinos.

Their presentations are tend to limit your choice to only yes.

Do you want money? Do you want cars? houses? What are your dreams?

These questions will definitely hook your mind to find your answers. While your mind is processing the answer to tricky questions, their schemes are already prepared to out-answer your possible responses.

The presenter or speaker of specific company already knows how the typical Filipinos will respond. And by that familiarity they easily persuaded new members.

Filipinos typical dreams are having simple house, enough salary and car. But the challenge is how can you catch your dream. MLM companies’ purpose is to help you achieving those dreams.

During presentation, the representative of  company will show some achievable things. Unusual cars, weekly earning that usually cost 5 digits and of course your lifetime membership.

Their presentation is not directly yet at money issue. Majority of networking companies have to present first their products. Such as herbal product that may help people to regain strength, or may help to avoid illness, personal hygiene product and vitamins.

After you hear the good benefits of the products they’re offering, the most exciting part will be cascaded next – the money talk. 

Aside from purchasing those products, the main course of the company can be yours as well. Using the good strategy and persuasive words you can be rich.

The promise that you can hold on to from them is they will help you to any presentation. One of the “no” thing to do is to present the company alone. Why? Because the moment your prospects hear the word “networking” – expect to get rejected. Only expert should or have a right to explain about company.

How these companies work?

Joining them is not free. You have to pay them and in return they will be giving you products that you can sell or use. The logic they are stressing-out to all is, it’s just like you buy a product from us and the perks of doing it is you will be a member and having a chance to get rich.

The usual membership fees are more than your salary capacity, or closer. You can notice that they will give you an option to borrow money, because with their help you can earn that money back as soon as you work hard.

Do you want to be rich?

Once you become a member of their company, you only have to do is to invite others to be your downline. If your two friends join, you will earn from their pay-in fee. And if your two freinds have invited two each, you will also earn from their invites.

Imagine you at the top and your two friends that you have invited are place as your downline (left and right) and that friends of yours who have invited two more as their downline (left and right) – what image did you see?

A triangle right? 

In mid 2000 pyramiding became controversial around the news. Some of unregistered or illegal pyramiding companies were able to collect million of pesos from their members. These people were no ordinary in society; some were with names and popular, and still got victimized by bogus.

After the pyramiding companies’ wave have eased, the networking companies appear on the scene.

There’s no forcing someone to join. They will ask you first, “are you an open minded?”.

You may be thinking if it is possible to get rich by doing networking style of business. The answer is resounding yes. On the other hand, those who are on the top are the most luckiest in the group. While the membership widens and deepens in number the earning of uplines are always ahead to downlines. You can’t out-rich your upline – and that’s the reality.

Is this company good or bad?

They have good and beneficial products that everyone can use on daily basis. However, members joined because of money and not of products alone.

Can I create my own MLM?

Of course, if you have a good foundation in marketing and enough budget to sustain it, you can be rich in no time.

The decision is always depending on your conviction. Do you want to try joining them or start up your own business?

Disclaimer: I don’t intend to promote any of them nor persuade anyone to join.


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