Opportunity As An Uninvited Guest

How long have you been waiting for your moment?

Some are years or decades, probably. They say, opportunity knocks only once and you have to let it in. However, most of the time, we missed its knocking. We’re not attentive, or maybe not hearing its coming. 

Its footstep is silent all the time. It only makes noise inside of us. When you feel your time has already come, your heart pumps fast. You will know it by the instance, when you hear it knocking. Your moment has come… finally! You will know it by heart. It’s your calling. It’s what you’ve been waiting for. 

Freelancing is a great opportunity would be coming on your way! It will come as an uninvited guest. The key is yours – unlock it or keep it locked.

I have seen people who have wasted opportunity. They settle for less – their presumption stops them. Those gifted people who doesn’t want to live out of their shell live in an assumption.

We can’t conclude our own future, if we don’t do anything to challenge it nothing will happen. What I mean is most of who have rejected opportunity were assuming false conclusion. Whether they will not get accepted or the income is unsure or uncertain. 

When we speak about opportunity, it will knock with some good news. Open the door and entertain it. Listen and study. Don’t let the door closed –  see the opportunity out of your window. 

But before opportunity comes, it knows when to come and to whom it will go. Opportunity doesn’t waste time either. That’s why if we miss it, it won’t comeback as what it is the first time it knocks. 

I really love to write, but doubts came in. I had faltered because of it. I questioned my ability and my passion. Specially, when I got rejected numerous times. I know my time hasn’t been coming yet. My skills need to be honed and sharpened. My comprehension needs more improvement. 

I understand my opportunity is worth waiting for. 

I learned 3 opportunities while waiting my turn. 

1. It is an art 

Freelancing is an opportunity for aspiring writers. You only have to check its categorization; Article writing, blogging, ghostwriting.

You can’t be that three unless you have studied the expression of each category. The most common ground for writers is the “blogging”. When you blog, you express yourself – thoughts and heart spontaneously. It doesn’t need to be mechanical. You have the right to flow gracefully.

My friend who encouraged me to write told me this, “You don’t need to be a legalistic. Just be you.” 

Those words inspire me to write. He’s right, writing is an art and art is our heart’s expression.

2. Writing is a platform to showcase and not to show off.

I love using usual or common words. Vocabulary is important, however if it pushes me to boast, I may choose not to deepen my words. 

Remember if we write, the world reads. If they read an incomprehensible words, they will start to feel boredom.

We write according to our audience and not according to our intelligence and pride. The more your writings are reachable, the more people would find it interesting.

3. Read and be ready

You can’t feed people if you don’t feed yourself. It’s a suicide.

Read, read and read. Feed your inner self with words and knowledge. Write, write and write these must not be taken for granted. Opportunity comes when the vase is ready. 

Prepare yourself, writing is a serious matter. 

Nonetheless, writing is for all. Though it has different levels of expertise and difficulty, still it is doable.

These three truth will help you to persuade opportunity to visit you. But remember, it will come as an uninvited visitor. 

What are you waiting for? Grab some papers and pencil. Write down the expression of your heart.

I AM A WRITER! Make it your motivation and don’t give up. 


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