Son’s Curiosity About Forgiveness

One day, a boy asked his father. “Father, how can I know if I have already forgiven someone?” The fisherman was surprised on his son’s curiosity. 

While walking on the seashore, the boy’s father picked up a wood and wrote a very long words on the sand, and turned to his son. “Son, can you read what I just wrote?” His son smiled back on him and read the long words effortlessly. 

Suddenly, the wind blew towards them. It tossed the seawater, and wiped out the words fisherman had written on the sand. The words were completely vanished. 

“Son, forgiving is forgetting. It’s hard and painful, aslo would run through a process of healing. It will take you a long time or years. But, remember choose to forgive.”

“It doesn’t make sense father. How can someone forget that?”

His father just gave him a warm smile and ask him another question.

“Can you remember the long words I had written on the sand?”

The boy shook his head. 


2 thoughts on “Son’s Curiosity About Forgiveness

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  1. Forgetting is a new beginning to end. It will take long time. I loved the way fisherman explained it to his son.. On a lighter note, love is like your game, that you started in crowdaround about creating a story, it runs even today.. Haha..


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