When Couples Fell In Love With Mountains 

A stunning scenery, a gentle touch of air on faces, a calm and peaceful skies, when these occurrences hold your moment – you have a lovely day.

Mountains are mysterious, it can convey meaningful messages. Its silence is subtle – too deep – it sees us through. 

Alvin and Jack both fell in love with mountains’ beauty. They find rest, peace and hope every time they reached the peak of each mountains they climbed. 

Considered as a newbie, however their experiences have brought them to more tough trails. Both of them are 2 year old climbers. They just started on May 15, 2015, when MJ (Alvin’s friend) introduced to them about hiking. At first, a bit hesitant on Alvin’s heart. He would do the thing he hasn’t planned ever to do. But, he still gave a nod to his friend’s invitation.

Mt. Pico De Loro in Cavite was Alvin’s first mountain experienced. He ventured with 12 people and touched the goal together. It was an exciting experience but a tough one. Alvin and Jack have enjoyed and sensed that this would be the only beginning of their adventure. 

(ctto: goo.gl/FWPqMV )

Their exploration never end on mountains, rocks, trees, steeps, and environments. Alvin made mountain more valuable when he did his wedding proposal to Jack at the mountain they both love. 

Alvin has set up and strategized everything with his closed friends. It was a good 1 month of preparation and prayer to make things work together as what Alvin has been dreaming of.

The moment was filled with emotions; tears, lovely smiles and the most awaited YES of Jack. This was the greatest hiked of Alvin and Jack, where mountains have witnessed the shared joy and love. And their friends? Well, they’re all happy for another milestone to Alvin’s life. That moment was the highest summit – summit of love.

I have asked Alvin 7 questions to answer. 

1. The first time you hike, what were your thoughts?

At first, I thought it was simple; just walking and climbing on the soils, as well as holding to the branches of trees and rocks.

2. You fell in love with hiking and you’ve been doing that how frequent?

Yes i do and my fiance fell in love with mountain climbing. We usually hike every time we feel that adrenaline to climb, and if we have budget haha (Alvin laugh). Last year (2016), we climb 7 mountains.

3. Where is the best mountain you hiked? Also the hardest one so far?

Mt. Ulap in Ampucao, Itogon Benguet was one of the easiest mountain we climb so far, but definitely one of the best mountains here in Luzon because of its breathtaking view on its peak, even along the trail. You will definitely appreciate the beauty of nature. Hardest? So far is Mt. Apayang in Nasugbu Batangas. At first you will find it an easy one due to its heights. It’s smaller than the previous mountains we had climbed. But its trail? It will definitely make you catch your breath haha (Alvin laugh)

( ctto: goo.gl/w8mf7K )

4. If you will be given a chance to hike one mountain, where is it?

Mt Guiting Guiting ( G2) in Romblon.

( ctto: goo.gl/h6rYqX )

5.What you hate to see and experience while on the trail?

I hate to see all those garbage left by the other mountaineers – anywhere. Experience that i hate? When we need to wait for those inconsiderate mountaineers for us to have a chance to take pictures on some spot. There were also noisy mountaineers which distract others, even the natures too.

6. Mountains became more special for you when you chose to propose to your girlfriend during your hike. Can you tell us about it?

I prefer to be engaged on Mt. Ulap. Aside from love of the mountains, i wanted to surprise her and the same time, I want it to be memorable for her, specially that Mt. Ulap has a scenic and fantastic view. She is also a nature lover.

7. What do you think the effect of hikers to our environment? How can hikers influence others to take care of our Motherland. 

Mountaineers has a well known phrase: Exercise LNT – Leave No Trace. Some of the hikers forget this, leaving garbage and trash anywhere on the mountain. Sometimes it also lead to accident (forest fire due to cigarettes butts and other fire causing equipment). LNT must be properly implemented. Mountaineers can also organize clean up and can drive to help the environment, as well as to teach the newbies the responsibilities when hiking. Hikers must not also tolerate “business hiking”. There are some individuals that are taking advantage on the hikers, asking too many and different toll fees. You may see Mt. Batulao blogs regarding this issue.


Alvin and Jack Are Both CERTIFIED BARAKO


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